Vladimír Cnota named Chairman of the Qatar Committee at the Chamber of Commerce (HK ČR)


Mr. Vladimír Cnota is receving a letter of credentials from the HK ČR representatives

The CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber of Commerce - striving to ensure dynamic trade relations between the Czech Republic and the State of Qatar, reached another important goal on Thursday, October 22. The President of our Chamber, Mr. Vladimír Cnota, was appointed Chairman of the Committee for Qatar within the Czech Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (Hospodářská komora ČR), which is the largest representative of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.

The combination of efforts of both chambers will certainly lead to the strengthening of Czech-Qatari trade relations and will make it easier for Czech entrepreneurs to enter the Qatari market.

Mr. Vladimír Cnota and Mr. Radek Jakubský, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic

Qatar has plenty to offer to Czech entrepreneurs and tourists. Qatar is building its position as a premium tourist destination in the region with the support of Qatar Airways, the national airline, FIFA World Cup will take place in two years' time. In addition, the Qatari government is currently trying to attract foreign investors, provides interesting investment incentives and opens up sectors of its economy for foreign entities that were previously limited to domestic companies.

Mr. Vladimír Cnota. President of the CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Qatar Committee at the Chamber of Commerce (HK ČR)

The CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber is preparing a number of projects for the coming months. A business mission to Qatar is in the preparatory phase. An ethnographic exhibition of Czech folklore is also being prepared for the National Museum of Qatar. The Czech-Qatari Chamber is also ready to help Czech businesses enter the Qatari market, through consultations and providing assitance in establishing a company in Qatar. The Chamber is also ready to arrange a purchase of real estates in Qatar, the lease of production and assembly space, as well as orientation in the Qatari banking sector. Czech entrepreneurs thus have optimistic prospects for successful cooperation in Qatar.