Bureko 6x6 is a unique truck produced by a Czech manufacturer named Bureko. It is a six-wheel truck that comes in various modifications. The truck is equipped with eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 6.2 liter. Several engine power variants are available to the costumer, the strongest of all has a total power equivalent to 1000 horsepower. Buyers can specify the truck in a Double Cab or Crew Cab body. At its longest, the rig measures 6.2 meters. It is the only six-wheel vehicle on the market for which a regular driving license is sufficient.

The car can be modified to a large extent by the customer. The vehicle currently ready for the Qatari market is embellished with details made of 24-carat gold. This special model, with serial number 1, will be launched at special gala event in Doha and will be sold exclusively in Qatar.