Revolutionary Treatment of Internal Combustion Engines

Patent fund CCPF developed and applied the prototype of the piston, which is suitable for all four-stroke combustion engines. This is the intellectual property of Lipno nature s.r.o. and LN agro s.r.o.

Research and Application

The first prototype, we already tried 5 years ago and to the present time, this design is developed to the maximum perfection.

Our equipment we put into the car Lada Niva, that we can test the maximum load in the extreme field conditions.

Withal we chose a used off-road vehicle, to prove that our patent may be used in any 4 - stroke performance of the internal combustion engine.

Purchased were two of the same cars, which was made general overhaul of the engine, the cars were tested so that their parameters in the performance were the same, and then, it was into one of them applied our patent.

By test of both cars at the same time and in the same conditions, it was found:

  1. Elimination of friction
  2. Increase the performance of engine
  3. Decrease in the temperature, a constant operating temperature of 80 °C
  4. Lower fuel consumption by 23 %
  5. Lower demands on the cooling of the engine and the entire system

The Principle of the System

In terms of the engine load, are the most burdened components pistons and cylinders, due to the emergence of a huge amount of heat and due to friction. The prototype of our piston, we achieved attenuation of friction, which we partially eliminate the generated heat energy. Thanks to the suppression of excess thermal energy, at the same time to reduce the temperature of the engine and thereby also decrease the cost of cooling the complete system and the cost of fuel. The engine is less loaded, which is subsequently manifested in the whole of the engine system, from enhancing performance to its cooling.

The prototype of our piston can be put in all 4 - stroke combustion engines:

  • Normal car motors
  • Motors with a large immediate burden
  • Mining equipment
  • Trucks
  • Special motors used in extremely demanding conditions
  • Marine engines

This design of the engine, including drawings and a single prototype engine, we can offer for an immediate trade.

This invention is suitable for the world players on the market with oil derivatives and fuels for its future use, or disclosure because of its fuel savings, thereby to improve the competition ability of internal combustion engines with the new drives on the alternative fuel.