Investment Fund

Our QCIF investment fund focuses on technologies, patents and intellectual property.

Our investment fund prides itself with unique know how. We select suitable projects and ideas to implement in whose development and production we invest time and resources. 

You don't have the funds or the realization team but you have a good idea .... so here with it! You are closer to the realization than you thought, be it an interesting patent, an industrial design or a mobile application or any other interesting technology or business plan. 

In this case, we become co-owners of intellectual property, etc. with you, and a strong experienced partner is behind you


Real Estate Fund

We buy land all over the Czechia in auctions, tenders, from state institutions and organizational units of the state, we pay land from seizures, and we look for other opportunities for the termination of activities of private companies and agricultural business. 

We concentrate on a larger one-off purchase of land and work with the land. We keep larger units for our agricultural activity, we work with smaller uncompleted parts and prepare for sale or exchange.