CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber helps during Covid-19 pandemic


Nanofiber provided by the CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber of Commerce

CCPF Czech-Qatar Chamber helps during Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic. Its President, Mr. Vladimír Cnota, personally delivered several rolls of nanofiber used for protection masks as a gift to the City Council in the town of Český Krumlov, which was badly hit by the virus outbreak. This much needed protective equipment will be then used by doctors, policemen and other personnel of the integrated emergency system.

Other medical equipment donated by our Chamber included FFP2 respirators. The assistance was coordinated with our Qatari friends and partners. Our Chamber has to mention the shared efforts of the Qatar University and Qatar Airways Group, which kindly helped with arranging a Qatar Cargo flight to the Czech Republic.

Mr. Vladimír Cnota expressed his gratitude in a statement for the website:

I would like to convey my many thanks to the Qatar Airways airline for transporting medical supplies to the Czech Republic. We truly appreciate this help in the time of crisis that has hit our country and the whole of Europe. We salute our Qatari friends and I am sure that once this crisis will be over our friendly relations will be even stronger than ever before.

Mr. Vladimír Cnota in Český Krumlov